The Caribbean Brass International is from origin a street-marching dance orchestra. The band comprises some brass players and drummers. The musicians are younger people from the Caribbean isles like Aruba, The Antilles, Santo Domingo, Suriname, Haïti and Ghana, who now live in Amsterdam and Almere, living brotherly together.

The band was formed in 1986 by Arubbean and Antillian students, who have been playing in a group since they were child. Most of them have returned to their native countries after finishing their studies.

The colourful society has influenced the musical style of the Brassband enormously. The music is a mixture of Spanish, African, European and Indian elements, like samba, soca, calypso, merenque and modern music. The fast, rythmic music they play has its origin in the biggest people's festival, the carnaval.

The energy and enthousiasm with which the musicians play is inexhaustible and the rythm, is contagious. It is impossible to keep your feet still. The Caribbean Brass International can perform on a stage or in the middle of the audience. The group brings a tremendous whirlwind show, which gets people up from their seats.

Since 1998 the Caribbean Brass Band also has a youth department of boys from 10-15. This youth brassband The Caribbean Kids has made an enormous start and is touring to get very popular. They are frequently asked at street-fairs and sport events.

The Caribbean Brass International has played with great success in nearly all European countries. They are the eldest and most popular Caribbean Brass band in Europe. They act with 12, 15, 18, 25 and 30 musicians. It depends of the wish of the principal.

The Caribbean show/dance group The Caribbean Force consists of exotic dancers in beautifully dress, who give a fantastic show and if you please even a Caribbean carnaval show with samba, soca, merenque and folkdance. They can also perform without the brass band.